Second stab at an adventure starter

Second stab at an adventure starter

Second stab at an adventure starter

The original version was (mostly) based on the classic Dungeon Starters, with questions and “love letter” moves that started the situation in the field, having already made it through the Great Wood and right to the crinwin’s doorstep. It asked a lot of questions about why they were out there and what they hoped to accomplish, but it basically meant that they spent a bunch of time building the town of Stonetop up and then not setting foot in it during play. At least, not in the first session.

Thinking about it, I realized that I never did that in my own games. In my own games, we start the first “adventure” session in town, reveal the problem, and then almost immediately launch into play. They’d Chart a Course (even if I hadn’t called it that), maybe recruit some followers/help, then Outfit for the adventure. We’d then deal travel at some level of abstraction, and then get to the destination and the “meat” of the adventure.

And I think that’s about right. A Stonetop adventure starter needs to start in town and let us see a slice of life. It should let us see who/what is important to the PCs and who/what the players are interested it. And then it should push them out into the field, with a mission in mind. It should give some guidance on how to handle the travel, and then give us something to work with: a map, blanks, discoveries, and dangers.

So… here’s what I’ve got. I’d really appreciate feedback on the format, level of detail, usefulness, etc.

All art should be considered placeholder.

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