I’ve been tinkering a lot with the basic and special moves recently, for use in #Stonetop.

I’ve been tinkering a lot with the basic and special moves recently, for use in #Stonetop.

Originally shared by Jeremy Strandberg

I’ve been tinkering a lot with the basic and special moves recently, for use in #Stonetop. Figured folks might like to see where I’m at. Questions & feedback appreciated.

High-level changes, for those who don’t feel like poring over it in detail:

Aid and Interfere: replaced with two separate moves; no longer tied to bonds

Defend: unchanged

Defy Danger: slight tweaks to descriptions on when you use each stat; removed the “stumble, hesitate, or flinch” statement

Discern Realities: super minor tweak (“Who or what is really in control here?”)

Hack & Slash: rephrased the 10+ for clarity; mechanically unchanged

Parley: no more talk of leverage or promises; very close to the AW 2e Seduce/Manipulate

Spout Lore: you have to explain where you could have learned this before you roll (as opposed to asking you after the fact), so that the GM can couch their answer in those terms… this is very Stonetop specific; I wouldn’t necessarily advise it for most DW games)

Volley: rephrased the trigger to apply to thrown/non-aimed weapons; changed “take what you can get” to roll twice and take the lower; removed the descriptive “have to take multiple shots” from the 1 Ammo option (because reconciling that with reload sucks)

Struggle as One: new basic move, for defying danger as a group

And more changes to the Special moves than I care to write out. Plus the Follower Moves (originally seen in Perilous Wilds, but originally written for Stonetop).

Questions and feedback welcome & appreciated!


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  1. These are great changes. Struggle As One is how I’ve been doing it already for things like climbing cliffs or sneaking past guards. The change to H&S is small but I think will help a lot. Your Aid move is really interesting and I’d like to give it a try. Have you playtested it at all? Oh and there’s a small typo in it: it should be the consequences not that consequences.

    Honestly I wish I could update my copy of DW with these changes. If you need any playtesting I’d be happy to run some games with my group.

  2. Thanks, Colin Kierans.

    Yes, we’ve used that version of Aid quite a bit, and I’m pretty happy with how it works.

    Interfere just doesn’t come up as much, so I don’t have a lot of data. The two times it’s come up, it’s worked out well, but one of those was a miss, so… not really much of a test.

    As far as playtesting: you want to playtest this set of moves, or Stonetop as a whole?

  3. So, obviously, for the moves themselves… just go for it!

    For Stonetop as a whole, I’ve been asking playtesters to commit to at least 3 sessions and giving feedback. Deal?

    (And, y’know, I’m not gonna be like a jerk about it.)

  4. We’re wrapping up our current campaign on wednesday then I was planning on doing much shorter games (1-3 sessions) so that might work perfectly. I’ll ask my players if they’d be interested. Do you have an elevator pitch for Stonetop somewhere I can link to or paste into our chat?

  5. (note that the “what’s different” part in the mechanics is a little out of date… the Expedition Moves from Perilous Wilds are out, and thoroughly dropped bonds; but otherwise it’s right)

  6. Jeremy Strandberg yep, but nevermind! I’ve made my own template in the end.

    It’s for personal use at my game table but I still want to have your blessing for frankensteining some of the Stonetop moves with some from here and there, plus some personal modifications.

  7. For personal use, of course! Even for professional/publication, I consider everything I put out to be CC SA.

    Definitely interested in see what you come up with for your own games. It’s always good to see other approaches.

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