Hey everybody!!

Hey everybody!!

Hey everybody!!

So I’m looking to start up a game in any genre via Roll20, so I’m trying to advertise on varying Star World Google groups.

I would really appreciate any interested people messaging me or finding their way to the link 😀

The idea is simple, between the players we will decide which genre to play. Then from there design the story from the ground up. Per usual.

The Untold Story


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  1. You should put the listing link so people can view it, not the join link. I was surprise to be a player in your game when I clicked it just now to check it out. xD

  2. RidersOfRohan NICE! Thank you! I’ve spent the past hour trying to figure out how to do that. If you could send me a message on how you did, that would be amazing. I haven’t really used Roll20 in years.

  3. RidersOfRohan – That’s so weird, when I tried to do that the first time… I didn’t work. It kept telling me that the page wasn’t “authorized” so I may have done something wrong.

    Also are you military? if so thank you for serving our country 🙂

  4. Anton Dominic I served in the military for 4 and a half years was released at the end of 2015 honorably. It is also where I learned to play Dungeons and Dragons during a mission in Korea back in 2013. Now I have expanded to mostly just Dungeon World.

    Note: Two ways to not get not authorized.

    1) If the post is newly created, then usually it takes awhile to work.

    2) If you are not logged into Roll20 then typically you’ll get an Unauthorized link when its your listing.

  5. RidersOfRohan – Well again thank you, and congrats! And what a way to learn D&D. I am damn near exclusively Star World system now. Everything else feels SOOOOO clunky and weird. I always hated requirements. You should try introducing the 2 moves from other classes every 5 levels. Makes for a very fun game when you can make whatever character you want like in Ubran Shadows and Apocalypse World… Hell even the creators said the 2+ rule could be even more as long as it makes sense to the story.

    My friends ranger became a shadow assassin with spectral wolves over the course of 2 years.

    Granted I’ve given TOOOONS of leeway since it is their very first D&D game and characters. They are nearing the end of their characters though. After this arc they’ll have to make new characters. It’s hard to put them into peril sometimes lol

    Ahh I was logged out. So that makes sense.

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