6 thoughts on “Has anyone tried to implement the magic system from Freebooters into Dungeon World?”

  1. I don’t use the system, but I love to roll up spells for world building in DW…

    Desjobulon’s Rune of Freezing: Who is/was Desjobulon, and where is/was he from? Why is he famous/infamous for this spell? Did he create any other noteworthy spells? Did he specialize in rune-magic only? Why a freezing effect? etc. etc.

    Just for fun I asked my son these questions and here are his answers (with a little coaching):

    Desjobulon was a Wizard’s Apprentice (I asked a bunch about his mentor too). They lived in the desert city Tattoojara (no clue where that came from) and Desjobulon developed the Freezing Rune to make the summer days more bearable for himself. He had just started transcribing a book on rune-magic for his master and thought he was ready to show that he could design a rune-spell himself. He did, but it was much too powerful and it froze him solid. It was a stupid mistake, but the spell itself had great merit. His master further developed the spell and – being a good man at heart – named it after his apprentice in honor of his flash of brilliance. While the spell is solid (no pun intended), the name is now used as a warning to young experimenting wizards: “Don’t pull a Desjobulon and kill yourself with your own spell”.

  2. Yochai Gal that mage class would be cool to play for the magic user I had in mind. Silly idea of a guy hacking the world around him as a way of doing magic.

  3. Yeah, it gets the players into a lot of trouble – as well as out of it! I had a player who chose his focus as the Clock (time manipulation) – this lead to some near-disasters, as well as some awesome recoveries. I recommend the minimalist version on DTRPG.

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