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  1. I was reading Jack Vance’s Dying Earth stories for the first time, marveling at how creative, visionary, funny, and mysterious they were, and then thinking about how Gygax, in his mechanical breakdown of spell casting, had stripped the “magic” out of the magic. I liked how DCC RPG brought some of the weirdness and chaos back, but wanted a system that wouldn’t require me to write up a bunch of spells myself — ideally, the players would do it. I think I read some indie/OSR thing around the same time that had freeform spell creation, but I can’t recall what it was.

    For the spell generator itself, I made a list of all the spells that appear in Vance’s stories, broke them down, and filled out the word categories with similar words. Most of the wizard name syllables are derived from Dying Earth spell casters, so if you’re lucky you might roll up Rhialto or Mazirian (or Gygax or Arneson, they’re in there too).

    In any case, I’m happy to hear you like what I came up with!

  2. Andrew Huffaker, as Lampblack & Brimstone I currently have two projects in the works: Stonetop, a DW campaign setting by Jeremy Strandberg; and the 2nd edition of Freebooters on the Frontier, which will be a standalone game with lots of tables along PW lines. Both are on a slow timeline due to other obligations at the moment. If you want to keep apprised of L&B stuff, check out our G+ Community. There are links to working documents, including settlement encounter tables and playtest material for Freebooters 2e:

    Lampblack & Brimstone

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