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  1. Ahhhh!

    Every character pick some. Usually 2 to 4.

    Flags are buttons players want others to press. The goal is to start a roleplaying scene that involves some aspect of their character they want to see explored in play.

    The key to using them is to hit OTHER CHARACTERS flags. You interact with a fellow character in a way that follow his flags description.

    End of Session redux: Each player is asked in turn if they thought someone succeeded in hitting one of their flags. The group has a conversation to make sure everyone agrees. The player that hit the flag gets 1 exp. NOT the owner of the flag. Max. 1xp per player per session.

    Aid/Interfere Redux: Since Bonds are not used, just use Aid/Interfere like you would with Defy Danger. Describe how you do it fictionally and use the most appropriate stat to do it.


    End note: Flags are not set in stone and this list is just a guideline. Players may create their own. A GM may ask at the start of a session if someone need to refresh/change his flags.

    Quick Tip 1: Ask every player at the beginning of a session to read their Flags out loud to the others so they know what to be looking for.

    Quick Tip 2: Some flags are more difficult to hit. You can pause the game and have a meta conversation to set a scene in order to hit a flag. Un-pause and create ropleplaying wonder.


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