This zine!

This zine!

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This zine! Seriously. It has some rough edges and a few choices made me scratch my head, but forget that. There are so many fantastic nuggets in here! I’m only halfway through looking it over, but I had to stop and post. It’s pay what you want. It’s Dungeon World. It’s Necromunda+DarkSun-ish. I wish I had thought it up! It’s really inspiring. It’s by Logan Howard. Get it now. (I’ll try to write up more coherent thoughts later.)–The-Hollow-Fingers?src=hottest_filtered–The-Hollow-Fingers?src=hottest_filtered

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  1. Yeah. I should have left out that first line about scratching my head. It sounds ominous but it’s minor stuff. Stuff you expect in a zine really. And it is very much overshadowed by the good stuff. I’ll make notes of the things I really dig and post a review here and on RPGDriveThru.

  2. That’s really kind of you. I realized after three rounds of NaNoWriMo

    (National Novel Writing Month) that I am a lot better at moving forward

    when I have momentum. The editing part is where I drift away from my

    projects. I thought about those old punk zines I used to look through and

    realized there was a way for me to share my ideas. I can express my love

    for Dungeon World and storytelling in a wave of excitement and let it go

    before I start worrying over the details too much. That doesn’t mean I

    don’t care about making it better. It just means momentum is more important

    to my process than polish because I probably wouldn’t complete a single

    issue if I felt like it had to be perfect.

    I welcome any suggestions and guidance you have to offer. I really respect

    your work.

  3. Exactly. I think yours have way more ‘zine spirit’ than mine do. I polish mine a lot, which is cool but it means I am much slower from start to finish and, yeah, I risk losing energy. I kind of like revising, editing, and tightening the text up though.

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