Inspired by a B/X house rule here

Inspired by a B/X house rule here

Inspired by a B/X house rule here

Pay Respects

When you lay to rest a heroic companion, after spending a day to prepare a burial mound or monument, or a funeral pyre or ship, each surviving character says how they honor the dead and may offer up to 1000sp times the level of the deceased in coin or valuables as grave goods to be interred or burned with the body, granting them 1 XP per 100sp.

Whether or not this counts toward the player’s Stash is up to the GM.

7 thoughts on “Inspired by a B/X house rule here”

  1. As Judge I would rule that it doesn’t count toward Stash (which is supposed to be a nest egg), but I love this as an option to gain XP with booty in the field!

  2. I could see Stashing being justified as veterans who’ve “Seen Things” and cherish camaraderie and glory more than gold as being satisfied with less opulence in their later years.

  3. Jason Lutes an interesting variant rule (or advanced move/prestige class/class feature/whatever) could be alternative things to “stash” silver on. Things like “drinking & debauchery” or “building an orphanage” or “constructing a castle.” It doesn’t count toward your retirement stash, but it has other fictional end-states.

  4. Or themed per class (Build a Stronghold/Chapel/etc). I find the “Stash”/Nest Egg idea as it is to be a little too ambiguous to be compelling as a goal. Perhaps a fill-in-the-blank prompt on the playbook?

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