11 thoughts on “First session with a new party tomorrow (Druid, Bard, Fighter).”

  1. It’s a bit railroady with a lot of assumptions of player action and stuff that reads like boxed text, honestly.

    What if they choose to fight their way out of the first scene instead of entering the portal to the ice dimension, for instance?

  2. In DW form, you’d want to start them in the ice dimension, leading off with questions like “dwarf, why did the great dragon sentence you here?”, “elf, what does he promise you if you escaped?”

  3. James Young The first scene was agreed amongst us to be a bit like a movie intro, I just wrote the stuff there so that it was more entertaining than ad-libbing it.

    Aaron Griffin Re: bonds, not that much but they haven’t finished putting them together, we’re all new to the system and finding some parts trickier than others. I think maybe I should trust them more and ad-lib more but I’m concerned it will come off shoddy and poorly prepared. I’ve approached it as “here is a world with plenty of holes that they can fill” though maybe not left enough holes?

  4. Josh Stafford-Haworth you won’t know you can trust them unless you try.

    Are they making characters separate from each other? The first session of a DW game should include character creation with all players

  5. I understand the fear that without prep, it will come off shoddy and poorly prepared. But if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot. The system is designed in such a way that, with very little prep, amazing narratives can emerge. Focus on your agenda and principles and make a point of looking at your GM moves list occasionally, to remind yourself what you can do and when. Ask lots of leading questions and build on the answers. Watch in amazement as it somehow all comes together.

  6. Aaron Griffin Its tough to get them all together, but yes, managed to pull it off for an hour or two and got characters sorted. Two of them are much more interlinked that the third player, but being a druid she’s built as a removed from society player so I think thats pretty normal?

  7. Josh Stafford-Haworth, If the Druid doesn’t already have some good connections with the other characters, ask some questions to help establish them. The bond recommendations on the character sheet are meant to be a springboard for more conversation. If she showed someone a secret rite of the land, what was it? When did it happen? How did each of them feel about it? That secret rite of the land might be important later in the narrative (and it probably should be.)

    A few things I’d aim to establish in the first session with those characters:

    1. What is the Druid’s shape-shifting like? What are its limitations? How does it make her feel? Does she feel out of place when in her ‘standard’ form? When a miss happens, maybe ask “what’s the worst that happened to you when you failed to shape-shift in the past?”

    2. What is the Fighter’s signature weapon like? How long have they been together? What was the baddest beast they slayed together? Does the weapon have any weaknesses?

    3. What is the Bard’s instrument like? How do the others feel about the Bard’s performances? What is it like when performing arcane art through the instrument? What are its limitations?

  8. The fighter is still deciding about her weapon, the bard has chosen a book of songs in a lost language and describes it as a book of beat poetry, he envisions people being swept up in the cadence of the poem. The druid says once her people could all shapeshift but no one has been born with the gift in centuries, I will ask her how it feels the first time she does it.

    This is all really helpful guys, thanks a bunch

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