Ranger’s Command move math

Ranger’s Command move math

Ranger’s Command move math

Hi there. Been GMing a Ranger lately and was wondering about one thing. Are animal companion bonuses from the Command move added on top of the stat bonuses when the player rolls OR are they used instead of them? A 16 WIS Ranger with +2 Cunning companion gets a sweet +4 on Discern realities on a level 1 character if the former is true.

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  1. It really depends on what the companion is, and how they’re using discern realities. For example, using discern realities to identify the whereabouts of someone a dog would make total sense to give a +2. Using that same dog to pick a voice out of a crowd? Well, dogs have great hearing but you couldn’t effectively communicate to them the voice they’re looking for. It will come down to the individual DR check and whether the animal companion makes sense in the fiction.

  2. T. Franzke that FAQ is great, do you have any others? I saw one the other day regarding Druids. In general, I wanna collect as many FAQs/explanations regarding basic DW elements as I can.

  3. Yochai Gal He does. 🙂

    T. Franzke​ Thanks a bunch, I’ll study those.

    So basically what my player does is absolutely ok with fiction. The ranger looks for danger on the ground and has an eye in the sky – his raven. I tend to agree that in this context there os nothing wrong in summing the modifiers up, although it is pretty strong mechanically.

  4. T. Franzke’s FAQ mentioned it, but I think it bears repeating. The animal companion needs to be trained in the task to give the bonus. If the Ranger didn’t choose Search as a training, then they aren’t going to get a +4 to Discern Realities.

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