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  1. I ran a single player game with my son recently. I gave him a couple hirelings right from the start, and we played 7 or 8 sessions before he got bored (but only because he’d rather be playing video games).

    The thing I loved most about a single player game was that the story could be all about his character. We did things that I may not have done if I had three or fours players that I needed to give the spotlight to.

  2. If you want to have some fun, give the player a pet. Not like the rangers, but similar. I watch a D&D stream with two players and their dogs. Its really fun and feels like a full party. So maybe in this case, the Fighter has a wolf, or the Barbarian a bear. A course this is just an idea, there is no one right way.

  3. Just steal from the rangers list, if he isn’t playing one. Except since you need it to be bigger and badder. Actually add like 10 hit points or something. Maybe gains 1 more per level, can do any of its normal jobs and the rest, allow the Role Play to deal with. Since its a 1 on 1 campaign, I am sure the player will bond with this animal and maybe come up with ideas to further its growth.

  4. Andrea Di Stefano , the biggest thing we did was turn the game into basically a Pokemon D&D game. I made an offhand comment about some people playing a card game in the corner of a tavern and he wanted to play a mini-game style card game from the CRPG’s he plays. That became the campaign, finding more powerful cards to be the best in the world. That would be MUCH more difficult to pull off with 3 or 4 players, because everyone else may not even care about doing something like that.

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