4 thoughts on “What’s the most gruesome/tragic/heroic Last Breath failure you’ve seen in your games?”

  1. I don’t 100% remember how Last Breath works, but the harshest treatment I ever gave a PC was with an evil-aligned Wizard. Death offered him a deal: return to life, but in exchange, a human sacrifice every full moon. The PC took the deal, and the player and I worked together to craft his character into a major villain over the course of the game.

  2. I played a Cleric, and my friend played a Fighter. One of the Cleric’s bonds was “Moktar (the fighter) has insulted my deity; I do not trust him.” When Moktar took his last breath and rolled an 8, Death revealed himself as my deity (Ishthall), and told Moktar he would be returned to life for the promise of worshipping as faithfully as Mornifell (the Cleric). Moktar refused, which angered Ishthall. Moktar was forced to watch as Isthall brought each of his family members before the pair, and caused them to die agonizing deaths. Isthall then returned Moktar to life and told him that each time he died he must witness each of the deaths again, and could only truly die when he’d witnessed them 1000 times. It effectively made Moktar immortal, but he became even more careful in his actions than before because he couldn’t stand to watch his family die again and again.

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