My custom Dungeon World Play Kit is out!

My custom Dungeon World Play Kit is out!

My custom Dungeon World Play Kit is out! It is designed to be more compact at the table (A5 format). The pages are meant to be printed as a series of booklets (A4 pages folded in two). The Moves Reference comes with all the Dungeon World moves and those from The Perilous Wilds combined. Any thoughts?

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  1. Interesting designs.

    So what does it look like if you “turn off” some of the features for printing?

    What happens if you try to print this on letter paper (cause that’s all we have at home in the U.S.)?

    Some critiques:

    > Some of the moves spill over to the next page (this may not be an issue if printed booklet like you say)

    > I worry with the attribute block that the layout could cause someone to smear their pencil of one section while adjusting another, but I guess it depends on the size when you print.

  2. Jason Shea If you uncheck the Background layer it removes all unnecessary red color (see first example below). If you disable the Illustrations layer, it removes the cover art. In order to reduce ink/toner use even more, you can also print in grayscale and it will still looks fine.

    When printing on Letter, instead of A4 the page is a bit taller, but quite acceptable I think (see second example below). However, I will look into it to include two versions for both formats, where it will make full use of the extra height in Letter format as well.

    Thanks for your critiques, highly appreciated!

    Only very few moves spill over to the next page indeed. I went over all of them, but there are a few places where swapping some moves was not an option and adding an extra column break would look even worse. But as you said, I made sure that the overflow always occurs on the inside of the booklet—that’s where the moves are, so there’s no need to flip pages).

    About the pencil smear possibility, I’ll do some repeated pencil writing and erasing and see how that turns out. I’ll look into it.

  3. Tom Cosaert Oh, I remembered one other thing: I think it would be better if you flipped the title and took out the word ‘playbook.’ So “The Barbarian” would be really big, and “Dungeon World” would be small below it.

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