10 thoughts on “Drives instead of Alignment.”

  1. Pretty much the same thing yeah. I’ve seen some 3rd party stuff doing away with alignment (good, evil, neutral, etc.) in place of Drives.

    Like Revenge – Crush anyone who stands in your way.

    That’s not my favorite example, but you get the idea.

  2. Drives can replace Alignments just fine. The Inverse World supplement does just that.

    And Phillip Wessels, that article uses Flags to replace Bonds, due to rotating party members. Drives are really just alignment moves not attached to specific notions of good/evil.

  3. Guy Sodin all the #Stonetop playbooks use drives. You should be able to find them all from that hashtag.

    Some are likely out of date from the posted versions, but it should give you a bunch to start from.

  4. While not drives, these are some alignment options the book suggests if you want to change them. I think they’re pretty good, and you can just take the alignments off of them if you don’t like the label.


    Uphold the letter of the law over the spirit

    Fulfill a promise of import

    Bring someone to justice

    Choose honor over personal gain

    Return treasure to its rightful owner


    Ignore danger to aid another

    Lead others into righteous battle

    Give up powers or riches for the greater good

    Reveal a dangerous lie

    Show mercy


    Make an ally of someone powerful

    Defeat a personally important foe

    Learn a secret about an enemy

    Uncover a hidden truth


    Reveal corruption

    Break an unjust law to benefit another

    Defeat a tyrant

    Reveal hypocrisy


    Take advantage of someone’s trust

    Cause suffering for its own sake

    Destroy something beautiful

    Upset the rightful order

    Harm an innocent

  5. Although Freebooters on the Frontier still uses Alignment, it breaks each down into a number of Virtues and Vices as well (Good has 3 Virtues and 0 Vices while Chaotic has 1 Virtue and 2 Vices, for example) for additional experience. I’ve been toying with the idea of integrating this into my DW games.

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