I keep thinking about travel moves for #Stonetop.

I keep thinking about travel moves for #Stonetop.

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I keep thinking about travel moves for #Stonetop.

We were originally were using Jason Lutes’s moves from Perilous Wilds, but they were too explorey-hexcrawl for Stonetop.

Then, I tried two “primary” travel moves: a Venture Forth that you used when you were heading somewhere known but through dangerous terrain, and a Wander move (similar to Jason Cordova’s and David LaFreniere’s labyrinth move). I’ll link to those moves below in the comments.

We tried those moves a couple times, and they felt too artificial. Wander, in particular, actually took us too far out of the fiction. That got me thinking about a comment Timothy Stanbrough had, about navigating megadungeons, that “Perhaps a purely GM facing structure is better, something that helps you create the fiction rather than dictate the outcome.”

And that got me thinking about Savvyhead workshop moves, and the Wizard’s Ritual.

So, maybe something like this?


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  1. You should crosspost more often Jeremy Strandberg! Perhaps to a dungeonworld tavern excerpts collection? I really enjoy reading your work, but I don’t keep the tavern in my home stream.

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