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  1. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’d probably create a custom move using either DEX or INT, depending on what would give the most interesting options for the party. If the Wizard is already solving a lot of the party’s problems, I’d opt for DEX to give a different character more options. You could also make a case for something like CHA (the wand has a sort of primitive personality that must be persuaded to do your bidding via a sense of self-confidence) or WIS (the wand channels a divine power and requires a meditative/humble state of mind to use.) I’d use whatever will likely be interesting.

    I would probably avoid direct damage effects and instead look for effects that create interesting options for fictional positioning. Things like telekinesis, force shields, illusions, etc. Unless the group is lacking damage output and really wants to fight; in that case, a wand that shoots fireballs might be exactly the fun toy they’re after, enabling them to take on more epic dangerous battles with large groups of enemies.

  2. I had a wizard who made his spell book a wand, and that all spells are written in runes on objects that you wanted to empower. So to get new spells he had to go out and find artifacts, and through ritual he could transfer them over to his main staff, but for the most part he was just carrying around 3 staffs and 4 wands, a magic orb, and an enchanted dagger.

  3. I haven’t, but I was toying with the idea of making a “Signature Wand” for wizards similar to the Fighter’s signature weapon. Borrowing heavily – who am I kidding, plagiarized – from Harry Potter, it would have a core material, wood type, and length, and these factors would affect how it behaved. I didn’t develop it too heavily though because my Wizard player at the time wasn’t interested in it.

  4. Wand Template:

    The wand has the following moves:




    When you activate the wand, choose one of its moves and roll +int. On a hit you make the move. On a 7-9, also choose one of the three options.

    MC, choose 3 options for the 7-9 roll of the wand.

    – Spend a charge (in this case, give the wand 3 charges, when the wand has 0 charges it is broken)

    – There is magical backlash: all magics in the scene take 1 to their next roll.

    You must do this: ____ to complete the spell (es: you must obtain a better position for aiming a fireball; you must kill a person to raise a dead)

    – The wand uses your energy: mark off a spell/take 1d10 damage.

    – The spell will be more or less powerful than intended.

  5. I guess I didn’t answer your question though… I can understand wanting to use DEX, but I think a Wizard still needs to know HOW to cast the spell (INT). “Swish and Flick” may be dexterous, but you need to know that the spells REQUIRES a “Swish and Flick”.

  6. A couple of years back I started compiling all of the community magic items and ended up cobbling together moves for scrolls, wands, staves, and rods. I was just about to post the wand one, but then I read Lester Ward’s version, and it’s better than mine.

  7. Depends on the wands power id say. Here is an item i made a while back.

    Love me some Druid spells #DungeonWorldItem

    Druidic Quarterstaff

    This staff is standard for the Druid people. Enchanted with basic spells, necessary for the survival of it’s user. When you wield this staff and call upon its power, Roll+WIS. 10+ you successfully cast the spell, 7-9 you cast the spell, but it’s energy is sapped from the staff and the spell can not be cast again until you Make Camp in the wilderness.

    When you rest in the wild of your homeland, the earth’s energy flows naturally into the staff, restore 3 spells. If the wild is unbeknown to you Roll+WIS. 10+ Recharge 3 Spells, 7-9 Recharge 1 Spell.


    ◻ Water Breathing

    Gills form on the body, resembling that of aquatic life. A creature near you gains the ability to breath underwater for a short time, about ten minutes.

    ◻ Goodberry

    Hold out the staff and 1d8 berries sprout from its trunk. Each berry, when consumed, heals for 1hp and acts as a ration.

    ◻ Mud and Stone

    You can turn mud to stone and back again. An area, size large, near you transforms on your command.

    ◻ Charm Animal

    You have a way with animals. An animal you touch will treat you as a friend and obey 1 simple command.

    ◻ Stone Flesh

    Your flesh turns to Stone, granting you protection. Increase your armor by 1. The spell lasts until you dismiss it, during that time you take -1 Ongoing to cast further spells. 


    Through extended use of the staff, and experience, you have unlocked hidden powers within it.

    ◻◻◻◻◻Once, when you Make Camp, if you had used the staff to overcome a great challenge, mark a box and forgo 1Xp. When the last box is marked, you unlock the following higher tier spells. Include these in your choices when you recharge, and recharge one additional spell when you do.

    Advanced Spells

    ◻ Lightning

    You build energy up within the staff and unleash it in the form of lightning at a target near you. The target takes 1d6 damage (ignore armor)

    ◻ Root

    You call vines and roots from below the earth to snare and constrict all targets within reach. The terrain around you becomes difficult to traverse for others.

    ◻ Gaseous Form

    You become like air and pass through cracks. You resist all forms of physical attacks and can’t make any moves while in this form. It last just a minute.

  8. depending on the magic that the wand was supposed to be it could have an Ammo (or Charge) and you could easily roll right off of the Volly move.

  9. Awful Good Games has wands in one of their products which basically have the arcane and charge tags. arcane tag means only a magic user can wield it and the charges function like ammo. You can volley with INT.

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