12 days special!

12 days special!

12 days special!

The three Kings brought the Blessed Infant Gold, Myrrh and Incense.

But there are other Gifts that slipped away in history textbooks.

Myrr of the Eternal Age.

When you instruct someone about how to hold of myrrh in their mouth and they do so, they can’t feel pain or fatigue.

When you use your arts to embalm a corpse with all your Myrrh, they come back to life as the Myrrh replace their lost spirit.

A person resurrected with the Myrrh is immortal, but if burned with fire or washed with water, they must Defy Danger not to die, no Last Breath roll allowed – their soul is already gone.


The Beer that Saved Mankind from Lions

When someone ingests a sip of the Beer, they will sleep deeply, and will not wake up until the sun rises. This holds even for divine or undead beings.

When you drink all the Beer, mark 1-3 debilities and ask that many questions to the MC: they will be answered in detail. The questions can not inquire about the Blessed Infant, but you can ask about anything else.

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