Sky Glass Cloak

Sky Glass Cloak

Sky Glass Cloak

“Those that don’t embrace the dark every night, will learn to fear it every day.”

This cloak might appear to be of simple light red cloth, with a gold trim. By night though, it takes the appearance of a bright sunny day, projecting light to illuminate even the darkest places.

The effect this has on a person’s mind is subtle at first, mild paranoia will lead to frequent nightmares. After prolonged exposure to the cloak, a person starts to grow a dependency on it, as quickly, every bump in the night or imagined nightly terror consumes their mind.

When they start to even fear even simple shadows during the day, their minds are beyond repair.

7 thoughts on “Sky Glass Cloak”

  1. Wicked! I might not even tell my players what it does at first. Just a little hint as its used leading to madness. It might just get left behind in that dungeon for the next traveler to stumble apon.

  2. The thing is, it doesn’t trigger defy danger. This is subtle fictional thing you need to do. “Prolonged time” for you could be a week, it could be a month, it’s up for you the GM to decide. Making the player roll to see if they go crazy doesn’t make any sense. You just apply targeted soft moves against the player that fit what the cloak does thematically.

    Making it subtle also lets you work with it in interesting ways. Such as if a player has had it for a long time, they feel a need to have it, and if they are separated they start to suffer from withdrawal. Which could lead to you giving them EXP if they seek out and become reunited with their cloak. Or you could just have it so they have a few restless nights before returning to normal.

  3. Well I meant a series of rolls that applies specific conditions. For example, maybe if they fail then they have some slight paranoia. If they fail again, trouble sleeping. After a few maybe you introduce an odd attachment to the cloak, etc.

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