I wanted to run a campaign set in the KH universe with a group of my friends.

I wanted to run a campaign set in the KH universe with a group of my friends.

I wanted to run a campaign set in the KH universe with a group of my friends. My main background with PBtA is Dungeon World but I have recently began looking at Apocalypse World 2.0 and Masks: A New Generation.

I had originally wanted to use basically a reflavored DW system, but after looking at the other PBtA games, I figured there might be a better way.

For stats I was thinking:

Body – For all things Keyblade combat

Mind – Spellcasting and such

Heart – Defensive stat and form changing

Light – Connections, Summonings, Dlinks, etc

Dark – Manipulation of Darkness or people themselves

For playbooks, I was considering do a simple base sheet that is expanded upon with compendium classes (Since everyone would basically be a Keyblade Wielder class).

Example: Everyone starts with a compendium class related to their highest stat and starting moves for that stat, but also can level up and take moves from the compendium class of their second highest stat. After 5 ish advancements, they can gain the compendium of their 3rd highest stat.

Everyone would have a base “Keychain” move that would represent their keyblade’s current form. I was thinking of a system where they can change their current keychain at any long rest and each keychain would come with specific tags added to a keyblade and possible come with one move as well.

This is sort of the starting base that I have come up with. I am not sure how in depth I want to be creating a whole new system from scratch since I just need something workable for a campaign with friends. Even current PBtA mechanics that could be reflavored to fit Kingdom Hearts could be good.

TLDR: I am just interested in how people would make Kingdom Hearts work in a PBtA style game.

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  1. A few weeks back someone was talking about how one could flavor their campaigns by having everyone take moves from a specific class — or a single specific move — and add them to their own character sheet. This is one of those scenarios: I would take Fighter off the table, and then I would have everyone take the Signature weapon move and let them trick out their personal weirdo keyblade. I would also use the Monstrous Ancestry rules from Dark Heart of the Dreamer so that people can have whatever weird powers they should have from whatever world they come from.

  2. Sure. I think its actually called Heritage, but I don’t have the text in front of me. Basically, players declare what their ancestry is (“I’m kin to Great Spiders,” “I’ve got fire elemental blood,” “I’m a vampire.”) and make up some GM-style moves for their heritage (Ensnare in a spider-web; flame on and take flight; hypnotize with a look, etc).

    Whenever they express or embrace their heritage or culture, they roll 2d6 and depending on how well they do, they get some Hold, and you spend that hold to do your cool Heritage moves. Those’re the rough details of it.

  3. Thanks, I might try to work that in. I received another suggestion on Reddit about using Disney home worlds instead of race moves, so this Heritage move could tie into that.

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