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  1. I will respectfully disagree with you there Lauri Maijala. If a Druid gains hold from the Defend move and then shapeshifts while still defending that thing, I say give them whatever hold the two moves say they should have. It would require some bookkeeping, as they couldn’t use the defend hold to make an animal move or vise versa. But turning into an animal doesn’t necessarily mean they stop defending whatever they were defending.

  2. That’s one of the things that A Sundered World did that I really liked. Each move generates it’s own micro-currency (the wizard moves generate MAGIC, the Warlock generates DEBT, etc.)

  3. You get the Hold for a Specific Action. Once you change actions you lose that Hold and generate the different Hold for that other action. There are some special abilities that you get bonus holds for but you still need to be doing that action.

  4. Chris Stone-Bush No problem! My understanding of the Defend move just differs from your view. I based my ruling after this: “When you’re no longer nearby or you stop devoting your attention to incoming attacks…” I would say changing shape definitely calls for shift in changing attention.

  5. Lauri Maijala I could see that coming into effect based on how the druid describes their shapeshift when they first use the move. If they described it as a physical process, similar to a werewolf in most movies changing, I could see where you are coming from. But if they described it as a quick magical change, like a cloud of magical mist rolling off of them to reveal the new form, then I would say they wouldn’t have to shift focus.

    P.S.: I love when I comment on here and a great idea just falls out of my head. I got really excited when I pictured the mist transformation lol

  6. Scott Selvidge That’s what I love about DW. The rules give you enough space to move around and come up with stuff as you go. RAW look to me the way I described it but I would still judge every situation by the narrative.

  7. There are some cases where you hold some specific currency, and the other moves might use that currency. I can’t think of an example in the standard playbooks that do this, but you can see it in third party stuff and other PbtA games.

    Like a move will say “when you X, hold 3 blood”. And then other moves might say “spend 1 blood to Y”.

    For example: here is a Class Warfare type specialty that uses “mojo” as a hold currency for a spontaneous spell caster: http://rpg.divnull.com/wiki/index.php/Spontaneous_Caster_Specialty

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