Hey, so quick question.

Hey, so quick question.

Hey, so quick question.

I’m doing a test game before starting a Dungeon World stream on Twitch. In this test game I’ve got a Cleric and I was wondering, as I don’t know that I understood the book clearly, if at First Level the Cleric has access to all of the First Level spells? At all times? Or is it that they’ve got access to spells equal to their level plus one and then after communing can pick new ones from the list? Both my Cleric and I were wondering.

Also if you guys feel like linking me to Dungeon World DMing advice in general that’d be cool.

I’ll post a link here in the beginning of December in case any of you want to watch our stream.

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  1. They pick from the list when they commune. They can pick any spells from the list, with a combined spell total equal to, level + 1.

    Osirons don’t count. So, a first-level cleric could be granted two first level spells. Maybe Cure Light Wounds and Magic Weapon.

    When she casts the spells, on a 7-9, she chooses to either attract unwelcome attention, take a -1 ongoing to spellcasting until theyh commune, the day, or to lose access to the spell until the next time they commune.

  2. Welcome to the Tavern, Kiraah G.

    Regarding GM advice… the Dungeon World Guide is generally considered must-read:


    Aside from that, I’d recommend browsing through the “Discussion” topic on the community. Skim for top-level posts where someone is asking “how do I deal with X?” and then check out the comments. They usually generate some solid feedback around here.

    And if you’ve got specific questions, just ask!

    dl.dropboxusercontent.com – dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3269630/dwdotcom/eon-guide/Dungeon%20World%20Guide%20pdf%20version%201.2.pdf

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