just gm’d my most successful and complete and unfumbled session of anything ever.

just gm’d my most successful and complete and unfumbled session of anything ever.

just gm’d my most successful and complete and unfumbled session of anything ever.

i live in a strange agricultural community, so my roster will include the professions of those involved

me gm, former dairy farmer, current ceramicist and invasive plant eradicator

tk, young dairy farmer, played bug, hobbit thief raised by centaurs

jt, forestry and horse enthusiast, jack of all trades, played hapless centaur wizard named xorczk

kg, orchardist, former ceramicist, householder, played alea, the centaur cleric of the earth mother

lg, orchardist, mushroom enthusiast, played cornelius dragontoe, gnome bard with a love of buckets and bugs

we played a modified mornigstar slave pits, the slave pits of Maestro’Z

we established that maestro z was a satyr dark sorceress who was trying to destroy the world and rebuild it in her image. she is the former lover of xorczk during their days in the wizard college in the forest. she is the former muse of the bard until he learned her true name. she is also the true mother of bug, who is half-hobbit-satyr, which explains the excessive body and foot hair and nubbin horns. the earth mother’s enemies are trolls, the undead, and griffons (as they are envoys of her rival god of the sun).

during the earthquake the bard tried to springsteen the slaves to revolt but a 6- created a sultry song which killed all the rest of the slaves. the squid-faced fox bodied squitsune taskmaster tried to stop them, but alea blocked them off and they went to the killing pits where slept the uncultured troll. while sneaking past they ran into fire beetles, but cornelius was able to pied piper them with his ukelele and they left the sleeping troll alone.

when they reached the chasm they found the assassin vines right away. cornelius used all but one of the fire beetles as vine fodder to clear the path, they got a little loot and continued on their way. cornelius kept his last fire beetle in his drag bucket as a pet.

as they got closer it is revealed that maestro z abandoned bug as a baby among the centaurs, who, it has been established, drove all hobbits from their homeland. she did not expect her old flame, xorczk, to raise the child in the centaur community, which he did. turns out she left her child there to die due to a prophecy.

anyway, bug slips away, leaving everyone behind to confront the sorceress solo. conelius tries to distract her with a marvin gaye style slow jam, but it only affects xorczk who spends the rest of the evening entranced in the nostalgia (jt went to bed)

meanwhile alea was trying to find a zombie head to use in a ritual to appease her diety when she ran into maestro z’s gollish lieutenant who sliced up alea’s arm. that’s when bug came out of the shadows and dispatched the gnoll with an easy backstabbing.

after some struggles involving cornelius and maestro z over one thing or the other, maestro -xs true name was revealed to be micky zit. she was furious, and thoroughly embarrassed. alea made sure to pray to the earth mother to lether know the silly name of this silly witch. in the end, bug, using golden root and mother-child bonding to destroy the ritual and save the day.

eveeyone who stayed to the end were very happy, we had a lot of laughs, and the beetle in the bucket is the best. anyway it felt good to finally not stumble through without a satisfying story.


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