27 thoughts on “I need a racist name elves could use for humans?”

  1. I guess my idea is that the Elves are paternalistic in their racism. In my mind, they would find it disdainful/amusing that humans, who are here for so little time, are obsessed with time and would take every opportunity to remind them of their impermanence.

  2. Jason Tocci Hairyfaces was the one we went with. It nicely ties up elves’ hatred to dwarves and gives them a chance to fron upon even civilized humans.

    Thanks for all the amazing comments!

  3. I played an elf in a Rolemaster game, and the other characters would taunt him over the old trope that orcs were corrupted elves.

    His response to his mortal allies was that he would get the last laugh when he’s urinating on their graves and seducing their grandchildren.

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