18 thoughts on “The players want their own keep.”

  1. Not the kind they expect.

    These are massive, perfectly silent owls with great bear heads that swoop down out of the night sky and inflict grievous wounds with bear talons and massive ripping ursine teeth.

    When they carry off their prey, you can hear them roar HOO!

  2. What do the owlbears who call the keep home want?

    What happened to the keep’s original builders?

    Who else wants the keep, and why haven’t they driven off the owlbears?

  3. The keep has catacombs, which is where the monsters originally came from? So they also have to clear the place out from time to time? Or it’s a potentially endless dungeon if they don’t elect to brick up the egress points?

  4. The fun thing, is that questions rise more questions. I love that.

    And as anyone could see, everyone sparks his own new questions about what’s interesting to them.

    All the process proves how collaboration is a powerful tool. And that brings us all to the first answear provided.

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