6 thoughts on “Edgiest non-murder hobo character you’ve played/created.”

  1. My very first character, in fact. He started off as a standard pocket-healer cleric who was best friends with the party’s paladin. Unfortunately, that was only a one-shot, so i had Piotr’s playbook in my folder for a while.

    Months later, i found an online game and thought “hey, it would be cool to bring back Piotr” and so i did, minus the cool magic item he picked up at the end of his first adventure. He also had to account for the lack of a paladin, so i said that he was searching for his Brother-in-all-but-Blood on the return from a pilgrimage they had done.

    When a new character joined, the GM told him that he had witnessed the death of a Paladin, and when Piotr gave the new guy a description, the truth was revealed.

    After that, i started deviating from Solaris’ domain of Healin and Restoration, and moved to darker things, taking Fireball (somehow), and pretty much always having both Bless and Magic Weapon (the two of which can be pretty brutal in conjunction with Empower).

    He swore vengeance, but never got to enact it as the GM had to end the campaigb due to work.

  2. I had a ranger who I’d described as “a deposed and exiled Vlad Țepeș if he were a falconer from the North of England.” He was an angry ex-baron who’d lost his family and his lands to an army of undead. In my head I sort of conjured up an image of Christohper Eccleston playing a pre-vampiric Dracula and I tried to play him that way. Of course, the GM took the hint and started slowly turning him into a vampire. We got a fair amount of drama out of that (especially between my character and the party’s paladin) before our schedules betrayed us and we had to stop playing.

  3. Most of my characters have a tendency to question the murder hobo-ing paradigm, and they’re pretty much all something weird (a troll/dwarf crossbreed, a dwarf sorceress in a system where CHA is penalized for dwarves, and also the sorceress casting stat before the time when Cata made dwarf arcane casters a dead horse trope, THE master blacksmith who is incredibly wealthy for having invented the game world equivalent of The Bessemer Process.) with the exception of my current character, Iona Dragonshard, who is pretty much a meat shield with a flaming spear.

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