[[Will the real Eon Fontes-May and Sean M. Dunstan please stand up?]]

[[Will the real Eon Fontes-May and Sean M. Dunstan please stand up?]]

[[Will the real Eon Fontes-May and Sean M. Dunstan please stand up?]]

Hi everyone! I currently working on the upcoming german edition of DW for Daniel Neugebauer from System Matters press.

I very much would like to include this helpful guide in the core book (I’m sure everyone here knows it by heart):


Does anyone know how to best contact the two authors of the guide, for to get their okay for the translation?

Thannks for yor help and cheers



6 thoughts on “[[Will the real Eon Fontes-May and Sean M. Dunstan please stand up?]]”

  1. Yes, hello!

    Sadly, Eon has been radio silent for a pretty long time. He has said that he considered us co-owners of the Guide (although, as I always point out, he was the main force on it), and has pretty much “thrown me the keys,” as it were.

    The Guide has been “officially” translated into multiple languages already, and if I recall correctly it was included in the Italian version of DW. So I have no problems with the Guide being put into the German version as well.

  2. Newbie here, but it seems to me the most likely answers would be: a) if it makes sense in the fiction, or b) as the outcome of a “tell the requirements or consequences and ask” discussion.

  3. I don’t the book here, but I’m pretty sure that a GM’s is “inflict damage”, so in the fiction, if a PC is charging an enemy archer unit, and he’s watching me to know how is going, it’s a choice of mine to tell him “while you are charging, the archers have the time to shoot you a couple of waves of arrows. Impossible to avoid them all, you get X damages”.

  4. To bring it to Matthew Bottiglieri ‘s original point: the consequences of the Hack & Slash are tied to the action that’s triggering the roll. If someone charges into an arrow storm, regardless of whether or not he hits his target and avoids the counterattack he’s more than likely going to eat some arrows. The consequence of succeeding or failing his attack isn’t directly connected to getting hit by the arrows.

    As for Defy Danger, that can scale up to as many opponents as you want depending on the situation. You might have someone make a bunch of DD rolls to get through a horde of foes, or you can be more cinematic and only require one roll to bowl through the whole crowd. It really depends on the situation and the tone you’re going for.

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