For a hint of grittiness…

For a hint of grittiness…

For a hint of grittiness…

Don Armor

When you need your armor on right now, Roll + DEX.

On a 10+, choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2, on a 6-, mark XP and choose 3.

* No time for the outer layers; take -1 armor for now (may be chosen multiple times up to your armor value).

* You’re not quite strapped in; take -1 forward to DEX.

* No time to grab anything but your armor and one item (weapon, shield, torch…) before trouble arrives.

5 thoughts on “For a hint of grittiness…”

  1. The last option is just “too good” to not be chosen, if trouble is coming, the PC would just want to don its amor, right?

    I think the third option should be the whole 10+ result, a 7-9 would let the player choose one of the other two options, and on a 6- the PC would have to take both of them.

  2. Hmm. I think it opens up some interesting situational choices. In most cases, the last might be the first pick for any roll, but some characters may wish to have some item other than their armor and weapon on them when trouble arrives; a magic item for example.

  3. Of course, like almost every Custom Move, this is a move you could manage with a standard Defy Danger. If you went with DD, you’d be ended with: 10+ no problem, 7−9 success with cost, 6− GM move.

    So, translated with your custom move, I’d go with: 10+ no problem, you did it! 7−9 choose one between: • −1 Armor • −1 forward • leave the equip (you have just armor and 1 item). 6− GM move (OR all the 3 results in 7−9).

  4. This is one of the cases where I envision, if the move is in use instead of DD, it will be used somewhat frequently and consistently, in addition to other rolls instead of in place of them. Hence a soft, predictable 6-. It’s obviously not for every game of DW.

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