I Knew I Forgot Something

I Knew I Forgot Something

I Knew I Forgot Something

When you forgot to pack something that’s on the equipment list and that you can afford, roll + WIS.

* On a hit, in fact, you did remember! Pay the appropriate amount of coin, add it to your gear.

* On a 7-9, you forgot something else instead, choose another item to remove from your gear.

Don’t use this move in a steading, and only once between visiting steadings.

11 thoughts on “I Knew I Forgot Something”

  1. On a second thought, i think this move may be cool if you use it for an over-prepared adventurer.

    One that, instead of having torches, marbles, and all this kind of “common” things, may take out of his purse more uncommon objects.

    I would advise to change the 7-9 in

    “you don’t have THAT, but you have something close”.

  2. David Perry right, but if you say “oh ho, you forgot to buy rope!” you’re not really assuming character competence.

    It feels like a move to cover when a GM says “haha gotcha!”.

  3. There’s a lot on the equipment list that’s explicitly not covered by Adventuring Gear; this is meant to catch them.

    Andrea Serafini For 7-9 I think forgetting to pack something else is a lot more thematic and likely than remembering to pack “something close” to what you actually need.

  4. Aaron Griffin In a way, yes, it is insurance against the GM. It’s something to include for GMs that think they want to (or might, in the moment), be less lenient than allowing the players to conjure the right thing at the right time, and want a mechanical way to resolve it. Or, for example, hexcrawly games or similar where there’s more emphasis on resource management.

  5. David Perry that’s fair. I just worry GMs who come from a background of adversarial GMing might see things like this as an excuse or allowance to be adversarial still. I can definitely see the use.

    Still, might actually be cooler as a custom move on Adventuring Gear

  6. I like this for a character who is self-described as “forgetful”. In general I don’t worry about mundane equipment for adventurers because it is, well, mundane – it doesn’t add anything to the adventure unless the characters are specifically down on their luck and having gear is actually one of the goals. Either way, i think it has some solid merit.

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