FotF2e Typetest Round 2: Oldstyle v Caslon v Garamond v Bodoni

FotF2e Typetest Round 2: Oldstyle v Caslon v Garamond v Bodoni

FotF2e Typetest Round 2: Oldstyle v Caslon v Garamond v Bodoni

Ignore this if you don’t care about type minutiae. As per Jesse Rothacher’s suggestion to experiment with full-featured fonts, here’s a pdf of 4 different treatments:

In that PDf the order of appearance is: HPLHS Oldstyle (current L&B font), Caslon Pro, Garamond, and Bodoni.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be maintaining the house style for header type regardless.

11 thoughts on “FotF2e Typetest Round 2: Oldstyle v Caslon v Garamond v Bodoni”

  1. That Bodoni is terrible. It might look decent in print but I can barely read it on the screen.

    The Caslon is readable but most of its character seems to be in its italics. Minion might be another option if you want the same largeness in the body.

    Garamond is only ever a bad idea in environments that are already over-saturated with it (which rpgs is not). I’ve used it before and will certainly do so again.

    I like the Oldstyle, though, because it looks old, which is a very good look for a fantasy game. There are some issues with the way it looks on my screen though, which leads me to ask: are you using the export function or the print function to make pdfs?

  2. I noticed it with Perilous Deeps actually, and this pdf looks like it was made using the same method. In my experience, the print function makes pdfs that work a lot better onscreen (with Adobe Reader, anyway). They tend to be smaller and render faster. I make them in RGB though, and I appreciate that you are using CMYK here so it’s easier to print (it sure looks like CMYK anyway). Still, I would suggest you try printing to pdf and see what you think of the difference yourself.

  3. Printed it out (as booklet, so half-sheet for each, from Foxit), some observations:

    Old Style’s bold+italic looks messy and squished together, and “+”s look even worse, almost just like blobs.

    Bodoni doesn’t look quite so bad as on screen.

    I like the contrast of Caslon’s bold italic to normal text, better than Garamond’s, otherwise it’s a tossup between those two for readability.

  4. Ben George it never made the cut because a lot of OSR folks use it and I’d like FotF to suggest but not mimic the classic stuff. Richard LeBlanc at New Big Dragon uses Souvenir extensively and to excellent effect, for instance. Wouldn’t really want to compete with his stuff from a design perspective.

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