Hey, everyone!

Hey, everyone!

Hey, everyone! I’m working on a DW KristaCon event for Dreamation next year. The way this is going to work I’m going to need six playbooks in each of four categories:





I can sort the basic classes pretty easily, but what suggestions do people have for the best third-party or additional playbooks to use? I haven’t had a lot of experience with playbooks outside the basic ones. I played a Namer once and I was not entirely satisfied with the book.

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  1. I’d say if you don’t have Class Warfare you might consider getting it. it has sort of mini-playbooks you can use to cobble your own together.

  2. For magic-based playbooks I’d say look at the Channeler and Shaman from Grim World, my own Elementalist class (which is free), Jacob Randolph’s mage playbooks (Star Mage, Winter Mage, etc. but maybe not the base Mage playbook because it can be a little too open-ended), and maybe the Spellslinger if that fits with your fiction.

  3. Check The Witch from Awful Good Games. Very nice playbook. Also, in Drivethru, if memory serves me right, you can preview almost all his works, he’s very permissive to show them first you decide if buy them or not.

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