10 thoughts on “Going to be running a DW game on Tuesday for two PCs.”

  1. Yep. The point is to let them pick, ask them good questions, and just get rolling. DW is super flexible because it’s a conversation. But if you know that you (or they) tend to run to physical challenges when you don’t know what else to do (ninjas kick in the door – what do you do?) make sure you have answered what will happen if they get their butts kicked in a combat. How will they hold up/get away/heal? Or just make peace with the possibility that combat could be lethal and the story might be short! 🙂

  2. Just started a campaign with 2 PCs here. Was planning my first session to take place in some abandoned ruin, but then they told me they were playing the Druid and Ranger. Quickly reworked all my initial rough ideas to be something starting in the deep forest and now it turns out they’re demon hunters (did not expect that, but cool, should be interesting!)

    Was impressed how well things went with just 2 PCs; have played other systems where that would be a major problem because you couldn’t balance encounters properly. Since DW gives you so much leeway with the GM Moves you choose to make, you can pretty much scale the story to whatever size/capabilities they have.

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