4 thoughts on “I’m planning on using countdown clocks to track how close the PCs are to stopping a Front.”

  1. I was under the impression that grim portents and countdown clocks are the same thing. Or do you mean having them open on the table the way Blades in the Dark does it so that the players see how many segment the clock/front has and when you tick a segment? I started doing that a couple of sessions ago because it seems to fit the player facing mechanics of DW and gives the players a better feeling for the urgency of the threat.

  2. I mean that the grim portent counts down to the Front succeeding in its objective, while a ‘destruction clock’ would count down how well the PCs are at overthrowing the Threat.

    I was going to use it for a Warlord type villain. He’ll have his own Portents clock to count down how well he’s doing at taking over the land. But there will be a second clock to show how battered his armies internal structure is. I was thinking of ticking it each time the PCs killed one of his lieutenants or convinced a smaller Lord to join their rebellion.

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