Hey. I’ve been a GM for a few years now, looking to start a sci-fi space exploring adventure, I was waiting for Pirate World to come out and use the same rules for sea ships as star ships, but it seems to me Pirate World has been put on hold indefinitely.

I’m looking for some literature for inspiration. Where should I look for inspiration? And what happened to Pirate World?

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. Nothing happened to Pirate World. Ian Chantler AKA James Hawthorn did not deliver the game and issued a small portion of refunds when harangued.

  2. Alexander Stanton I have only skimmed the ship section, it seems solid enough, but basically it is how to stat up a spell jammer and three to five moves for attack, maneuver, voyage plus repair, upgrade, etc.

  3. Maybe Dungeon Planet for the SciFi, Inverse World for ship combat, raid the Savage World Pirate One -Sheet Adventures for ideas? Or steampunk it with flying ships on Dungeon World like the fantasy movie Starlight?

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