5 thoughts on “Some more “minor arcana” cards for #Stonetop . Enjoy!”

  1. These are awesome 🙂

    Not sure if reporting typos is the sort of feedback you were looking for, but:

    Truth Seeds (page 2 back #2): “When you soak a pair gwir-nettle seedpods in your own blood”

    FIX: When you soak a pair of gwir-nettle seedpods…

    (unless that’s some American idiom, like dropping the “of” from “a couple of” that had arisen recently).

    Mantel Wraiths (page 4 back #2): “When you set let slip the wraiths tethered to the mantel”

    FIX: When you set let slip the wraiths…

  2. Gerard Snow by default, they’re “and”… check them all off and then you get to use the part on the back.

    There are a couple that have an “or…” clause in there (A Small, Strange Book and A Clear, Natural Pool).

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