Ziggurat of the Sun Princess

Ziggurat of the Sun Princess

Ziggurat of the Sun Princess

This is a Dungeon World adventure that seems to be missing from the web I downloaded awhile back. I noticed the Dragons in my House link is sadly dead. Grab it before the evil Cthulhu cultists strike again!

By the by the other missing link on the Dragons site is Ghost Stories by by Peter Johansen …anyone have it?


7 thoughts on “Ziggurat of the Sun Princess”

  1. I don’t have it in my collection, but I am interested if anyone does as well.

    I noticed Peter’s Beserker class for class warfare is also not working

  2. I recognize that artwork! It is hanging up on my wall. I can’t remember if the lion’s name is Patience or Fortitude… I think it is Patience. That is one of my favorite piece of work I’ve done.

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