Goblin Sapper (Devious, Intelligent, Organized, Terrifying, Group, Small)

Goblin Sapper (Devious, Intelligent, Organized, Terrifying, Group, Small)

Goblin Sapper (Devious, Intelligent, Organized, Terrifying, Group, Small)

HP: 3

Armor: 2 (Two shields)

Damage: Explosives 1d10+5 (Ignores Armor, Self, Hand, Close Reach, Near, Area, Burst, Messy, Forceful, Dangerous, Siege)

Instinct: To go out in a blaze of glory.


– Frighten nearby enemies with their mere presence!

– Take out a weak spot in a structure with a violent explosion!

– Run in and take out as many as possible… with a violent explosion!

Goblins have always been a source of amusement for other races. They have been kicked around and bullied by everyone at some point or another. But there is only so much anyone can take before they snap. Legend holds that the first goblin sapper, Snot Fizzbang, grew so sick of being kicked around by an orc taskmaster that he strapped a couple of powder kegs to himself and proceeded to boss the orcs around merely by keeping a torch on hand at all times. It’s believed that he would have became a great leader of the goblin race if not for that stray ember from his torch. At least his memory could inspire other goblins to stand up for themselves… until they explode anyways. 

6 thoughts on “Goblin Sapper (Devious, Intelligent, Organized, Terrifying, Group, Small)”

  1. Are you sure it should include the near tag? It would have to be a massive explosive to cover that distance. With reach and area it would already cover a circle with a possible diameter of 20 feet, which seems like plenty. What does the burst tag indicate?

  2. It’s meant to reflect that it hits everything in a burst area from its point of origin, like a fireball. I was thinking it would hit somewhere between reach and near in size, so I went with the “go big or go home” school of thought and that their instinct is to go out in a blaze of glory, which suggests they want to blow themselves up as big as possible.

  3. Scott Selvidge I still think you don’t need the burst tag… I’m not sure how that information would change anything in play. But if you like it, go for it.

    It does seem reasonable that pyrotechnic-mad goblins would use an excessive amount of explosives. I wonder if they would end up blowing up far more than they intend to as well. Like they try and breach a city wall and end up leveling several blocks in the process.

  4. Jason Shea I could see that on a 6- for sure. They blow up and cause a chain reaction with the dwarven ale kegs in the nearby tavern and take out half a city block. Luckily the heroes ducked into a manhole with their good rolls. Other than the thief. Poor Frank.

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