I’m new to GMing DW, and I’d like some assistance with Fronts.

I’m new to GMing DW, and I’d like some assistance with Fronts.

I’m new to GMing DW, and I’d like some assistance with Fronts. I’m running a 1 PC game with my spouse who is playing an Immolator. Currently, she has no idea how/why she is an immolator, but she knows that she has become one due to some kind of branding process from her parents with whom she is now estranged.

She’s met a scholar who will be sending her to ancient dwarven ruins in the mountains to seek out more information. I’m assuming I’m correct in thinking that the ruins should be set up as an adventure front with dangers, but what kind of grim portents do you set with creatures in this type of dungeon?

I’m thinking that there will be some type of Golem protecting the information deep in the dungeon and other critters (perhaps part of the goblin/orc clan that plans to begin assaulting the countryside) that live in the ruins as well. It is easy enough to give those dangers impulses (to protect, to spread and grow stronger), but how do I supply grim portents to them? I want to keep it real and exciting!

Suggestions for the new GM are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. The best way to get Grim Portents out of the dangers you set is to start thinking about the WHY of the creatures there. They don’t just exist to wait for the PCs to show up. They have desires too.

    For the golem, let’s say its goal is to protect the information. What was it’s last command? How far will it go? You could break it down in steps like: golem awakens, defending The Info Room; golem violently smashes parts of the ruins, destabilizing the ruins; golem collapses the cavern, destroying The Info Room. So this way, the golem is more than just an enemy – it will destroy what she has come to find.

  2. That sounds great for the Golem – thanks!

    What about the goblins clan? If they are there mostly for growing in numbers until they can mount a larger attack in the region around, their GPs would have much less to do with the PC with respect to their overall goals. Should they have dungeon specific GPs – spot the character, lay an ambush, etc?

  3. A rumor can work nicely. So far those who have ventured to the ruins have found nothing but ancient walls, sand, and dry bones splintered by some great force…

  4. Tony Homan the Grim Portents should probably affect things the PCs are interested in or care about. Perhaps they begin to threaten the village she is from or somewhere where she trained or whatever. Perhaps they kidnap a named NPC or something that she has some sort of relationship with.

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