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  1. I was revisiting Flags for my own hack earlier this weekend; these are from Lester Ward’s playbooks. I’m sure he doesn’t mind me extracting them:

    Accommodating: counter my proposal with a less attractive one I must either accept or disrupt the harmony of the group.

    Aspiring: make me an offer that threatens my social standing.

    Bumptious: challenge my knowledge and prove that I have more to learn.

    Compassionate: offer me an easier solution that requires I exploit those weaker than me.

    Curious: convince me to try something I probably shouldn’t.

    Deceitful: believe and act on a lie I’ve told you.

    Devoted: offer me an easier solution that requires I compromise my relation with _____________.

    Graceless: include me in a beneficial social interaction I must spoil with blunt observation or crass behavior.

    Greedy: offer me financial reward to undermine a friend.

    Gullible: tell me a lie I believe.

    Heroic: let me keep you from going first into danger so I can go myself

    Honest: involve me in a deception I must ruin.

    Irresponsible: convince me to shirk my duty.

    Peculiar: refuse my aid because I’m different.

    Portentous: seek my divinations in a moment of uncertainty and trust them implicitly.

    Righteous: offer me an easier solution that requires I violate my principle of _____________.

    Selfish: suggest I sacrifice something (tangible or intangible) to improve the lot of others.

    Sycophantic: insist I publicly compare the greatness of two people from whom I seek favor.

    Trustworthy: confide in me a secret that would damage you if revealed.

    Unsophisticated: exemplify a social convention or intricate concept I must misunderstand

    Visionary: offer me an easier solution that interferes with my dream of _____________.

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