I would like some assistance with a magic item.

I would like some assistance with a magic item.

I would like some assistance with a magic item.

My players have just fought a cult of the god of magic and secrets. they are a very unkind group (sacrificing passerby’s, trying to set the forest aflame because their enemies were hiding there), but they also are supposed to be slightly sympathetic, the paladin’s organization hunts them, and is trying to eradicate their faith (Their exact words, upon sighting the paladin, were “Kill the oppressor!”)

So, how could I make a magic item to reflect that?

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  1. The best way to make the group somewhat sympathetic is to make them ruthless adherents to a just cause. The magical item could be the “Black Book of Annihilation”. The cult could be dedicated to keeping evil entities “dead” or asleep by the proper inscription of these fallen demons or “gods”

    “true names” in the Black Book of Annihilation and finally ending their existence. Inscription of a beings “true name” in the book literally consumes their soul for all time. Naturally many groups will desperately desire the item; making it an ideal MacGuffin.

  2. Altar of “Insert Gods name”

    Many who worship “Gods Name” do so full heartedly, making the necessary sacrifices to vanquish their enemies. When you sacrifice an intelligent being on the Alter Roll+WIS

    10+ hold 3

    7-9 hold 1

    => Gain guidance from your god

    => Complete a difficult ritual using the Ritual Casting move Even If you don’t have the move

    => Gain a boon from your god

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