9 thoughts on “Testing out packaging for Planarch Season 2, including this clear plastic display case that holds three booklets.”

  1. These are three all-new ones, and if the Kickstarter’s successful, I’ll reprint the old ones too.

    The new ones I haven’t quite narrowed down, but at least 3 of the following:

    1. That Ancient Serpent, about the plague that transforms people into dragons

    2. Cyclopaedia Tatterdemalion, a series of living dungeons that are actually parts of an undead god

    3. Planarch 3030, a cyberpunk future in which all the planes have been rationalized by Dis & corporations

    4. A Refining Fire, a desert plane in which dungeon delving is replaced by sacred research expeditions

    5. An untitled Exalted-inspired thing about the demigod-like plane-jumping Planarchs themselves

    6. The Displacer Fragments, an anthology of other people’s Planarch stuff

  2. If I get to vote I vote for Refining Fire! They all sound amazing, but I like the sound of that one the most.

    Also… this kKckstarter… when is this happening?

  3. The last three are the least done! But my hope is that the Kickstarter can maybe support all of them, at least in PDF form, though print is obviously more expensive and we may or may not be able to fund that past the first collection. We’ll see!

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