The Ice Mines of Kharzak-Thrune

The Ice Mines of Kharzak-Thrune

The Ice Mines of Kharzak-Thrune

The mines have no gate or fence. The guards don’t even bother to lock the cells. The Mountain itself is the prison. The cold, the snow, the wyverns, they’re the prison. Ask any old timer, the best guess it’s 5 to 7 days to even get to the treeline, you’d freeze to death before that. Anyone asking to help with an escape is probably just looking to eat you when the food runs out. At least if you’re useful in the mines, the Dwarves will keep you feed. Live out the remainder of your days in this frozen hell hole or die escaping. The choice is yours.

What did you do to get in The Mines?

For the sneaky character: What useful item have you kept secreted on your person?

For the combative character: What is always nearby that can be used as a weapon in a pinch?

For the magical character: What magical ore is sometimes unearthed in the mine and how could it be useful?

For the spiritual character: What unquiet spirits are in the mines/on the mountain?

Which NPC has asked to join them in an escape attempt?

What flaw in the system or schedule can be exploited during an escape attempt?

5 thoughts on “The Ice Mines of Kharzak-Thrune”

  1. Sneaky Character: I have kept a small, lightly angled metal pick just under the flesh of my thigh. It has pained me on occasion when heavy lifting, and the scar left behind, which conceals the puncture, reminds me that one day I will be free.

    Flaw in the schedule: These dwarves drink too much. When shift changes, you can tell they come to work intoxicated. It is during the shift change that our escape will occur.

  2. Combative character: Aside from the odd piece of mining equipment, the shards of darkice that are chipped away make great shivs. They’re razor-sharp, but a little on the fragile side of you try to push one through armor. Just wrap a bit of cloth around one end for a handle, and you’re good to go. Of course, if you can get far down enough, you’ll find the corpses of Imperial Legionnaires, frozen solid in the ice. Their gear is a few centuries old, but remarkably well preserved.

  3. Sneaky Character: My crime was that I cared to much. I killed the man keeping my precious captive. Poisoned the son. And even threatened to bring down the enter town if I had to! But still, they would not give me my precious, my precious gold.

    Now, I work my hands to the bone for theft and murder. But everyone here knows me as the guy who took the fall for his pal.

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