I am seeking ideas from all of you wonderful tavern patrons.

I am seeking ideas from all of you wonderful tavern patrons.

I am seeking ideas from all of you wonderful tavern patrons. One of my players wants to make a character somewhat based off of the Displacers from the “Beyonders: A World Without Heroes” novels.

The gist of the idea is that the character’s body parts can be detached and placed on various things. The body part can still be used as if it were still attached to the body. Whatever happens to the body part (like being stabbed, poisoned, crushed, etc.) can be felt normally.

I like sticking with the core playbooks (and the player was planning on using the Thief), so I’m not really looking for a custom playbook, but if there is a custom playbook I could look at for inspiration, please do let me know.

The main thing I’m looking for from you all are ideas on how to approach this idea mechanically. Should we do a custom race move or stick with a default race move and create a new custom move. What should these moves be?

Any and all ideas or questions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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  1. It doesn’t actually sound like it needs mechanics so much as it just needs the fiction to fit.

    So like, if the character like attaches his arm to a dagger and hides it on a bookshelf, that arm can perform backstabs and things as if the theif were there.

    One of the best parts about fiction first RPGs is that a lot of interesting things just create permissions to do a task a certain way.

  2. Aaron Griffin I agree. The point of moves is to add an element of challenge and randomness. The parts would be performing standard moves as is, just in different locations and presumably the character doesn’t have clairvoyance as well so had no idea if the arm had a target or not unless they can also see. So maybe a class, but not a move involving dice. Unless there are common difficulties to it.

  3. Yeah, I knew this type of thing would be handled primarily through the fiction rather than with moves, but still thought I’d run by everyone anyway just to get other thoughts. I like the race moves from the necromancer. I may just combine those and make that his race move. Thanks for the input. 🙂

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