Hi! I’m new to this community and to PbtA games in general, though an old hand at roleplaying games. Dungeon World and Monsterhearts are my two favorite games so far, however I have yet to run the latter, while I ran a few sessions of the former.

I have a question to you: Does anyone have made a Darkest Dungeon conversion? I think DW is really well-suited for this game setting.

Read you soon!

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  1. Other than the word Dungeon and some set dressing, I tend to disagree. There is far less of the spirit of the video game in DW than say.. Blades in the Dark. BitD, John Harper’s newest game, has a very Darkest Dungeon sort of vibe throughout; i.e. the setting, and the rules for stress, vices, and trauma are very reminiscent, if not inspired directly, by the video game.

  2. Tim Jensen Agreed in that I first referred to DD as Torchbearer: The Video Game, but I’d tend to think TB as-written is a a touch less Lovecraftian. You get hungry/thirsty, sick and afraid but there seems to be less emphasis on stress, vice and madness than in DD.

    To really emulate DD in DW (or anything else) you really need to make it psychologically brutal beyond the norm, with custom moves that have you take out your own problems on your party members, causing them penalties until the whole thing dominoes…

    …Maybe like Darkest Munchkin…

  3. I’ve stalled a bit on my   #DarkestDungeonWorld  deep hack. I’ve got some resources I haven’t shared yet (I’d want to clean them up and fill some gaps), but I feel like it might be close to being ready for playtesting. My current plan is to do that cleanup, present the resources, and then inquire what people would feel was missing before being able to playtest it.  But I’ve been a bit uninspired to do so over the past months (also started a new job).  I’d appreciate any advice or encouragement on this – or the aid of someone to come in and collaborate on cleaning up and filling those gaps.

  4. Addramyr Palinor Cool. Feel free to read through the shared docs and make any notes, especially for what feels like is missing.

    I did some polishing today and feel like I might be able to get things presentable by next week.

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