7 thoughts on “Anyone in Canada bought Dungeon World? What’s the cheapest way to go?”

  1. I bought mine through indie press revolution, which is linked from the DW site. 25 + 20 shipping (USD) at the time.

    Depending on where you are you could always see if your FLGS can buy a copy for you.

    I actually have a new store I like in Kingston, ON (I’m in Ottawa). When I got Burning Wheel Gold and Torchbearer he ordered it (if it’s not already in stock) and shipped it at cost to me. Kingston Gaming Nexus.

  2. Amazon.com 18USD plus shipping. Even after conversion and shipping it’s cheaper. Also just order more items from amazon.com and it will make the shipping worth it as the shipping will go up only a little when you add some small items. But you won’t get the PDF’s this way. You can grab those of Drivethrurpg

  3. I ordered from Amazon.com even if I’m in Canada. Was still cheaper. My FLGS isn’t so friendly after all. They told me they’ll get back to me with an answer whether they can order it and for what price. No news in 1 week.

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