10 thoughts on “Has anyone ever used the One-Page Dungeon Contest for Dungeon World?”

  1. After the glory of the 2012 contest (which featured some really original and amazing entries) seems like there was a backlash against all that hippie crap and judging became “all OSR all the time” the next year, to the contest’s detriment. It’s possible that isn’t an issue any more, though.

  2. One other point: according to the rules, the one-page dungeons are supposed to be systemless. In practice this is interpreted (and possibly intended) to mean “stat-less generic fantasy”.

  3. For DW, I’d think that shorter, less specific entries would work best. From the 2012 winners, for example, “Fungal Infection”, “The Monastery at Dor Amon”, “The First Casualty”, would probably work pretty well. Less dungeon-y entries (e.g. “The Faerie Market”, “A Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard”) probably work better in DW than they would in a lot of other fantasy games. “Deep in the Purple Worm” would probably make a great short campaign. 

  4. Let’s see, Will Doyle’s Island of the Lizard God (2014) has been a big hit, even with a pulp sci-fi reskin for use with Johnstone Metzger’s Adventures on Dungeon Planet; Ramsey Hong’s Crimson Maelstrom (2014) led to some intense and gruesome fun; and Stuart Robinson’s Citadel of Evil (2015) is a perfect old-school dungeon crawl.

    In all cases, I start the PCs off in media res, ask lots of questions, and allow the setting to morph through play. Each of the above examples got more and more different than written the further in we got. I find the 1PD model is great foundation, from which you should be prepared to go completely off the rails.

  5. I have used Stuart Robertson’s Dungeon From a Distant Star (2010) for multiple Dungeon Planet games, as well as Epislon Outpost by Scott Wylie Roberts and Sell-Swords of Mars by Jason “Flynn” Kemp.

    I usually run the fantasy ones with D&D, not DW though., but my experience is that if a page looks interesting to me, it works out great as a blueprint for a session.

  6. I used Island of the Lizard God for what was supposed to be a one- to three-shot DW game. Took us about nine months to get through it playing 2-3 hours every other week or so.

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