Bag of Captured Screams

Bag of Captured Screams

Bag of Captured Screams

This medium sized black velvet bag with silver arcane symbols on the inside was originally made by the Kidnappers Guild. Whether it is placed over something or something is placed inside it, no sound can escape the bag. The bag normally weighs nothing but each use increases the bags weight by 1 (in addition to the weight of items in the bag) unless the bag is turned inside out which “empties” the captured sounds all at once. 


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4 thoughts on “Bag of Captured Screams”

  1. Thanks guys!

    Yeah I thought “A black bag that is soundproof” seemed rather ho-hum as far as magic items go. Also wanted a 7 to 9 ish quality to it if that makes sense. You could accidentally “spill” all the noise out at the worst time if your GM is a real bastard.

    Not me, I’d never do that.

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