3 thoughts on “What are the rituals that have been used in your games?”

  1. Had a two player game once where a wizard and barbarian headed to a jungle to investigate rumors of a jaguar made of mist that would cull the children of a village once a year.

    A battle took place when they used some local children as bait and a giant jaguar showed up with some of its cubs. They knocked the mama off a cliff and captured one of the cubs.

    The wizard was thrilled to have captured a cub and declared that he was going to train it and ride it (the mother was huge). He then asked if he could perform a ritual that linked the cub to its mother so he could track it. I said yes, but First You Must remove the cub’s eyes as part of the ritual.

    After an argument for the ages, it happened.

  2. – open a portal to the spirit world

    – have visions of a distant land

    – bind a spirit of lightning to a staff (all party members collaborated to the ritual, was cool)

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