Question for everyone before it comes up in a game of mine.

Question for everyone before it comes up in a game of mine.

Question for everyone before it comes up in a game of mine. I posed this to the group but I was curious what everyone else thought.

The invisibility spell seems to read as if you can only cast in on others correct? The same way a paladin lay on hands cannot heal themselves. I have had this come up before. I usually rule it this way but I’ve had to retconn situations where what they did hinged on the wiz invising themselves. This would ofcourse apply to NPC casters as well barring some sort of special circumstance.

What does everyone else think.


Level 1 illusion ongoing

Touch an ally: nobody can see them.

They’re invisible ! The spell persists until the target attacks. Or you dismiss the effect. While the spell is ongoing you can’t cast a spell.

Ally by definition meaning unite formally by treaty, league, or marriage.


To associate or connect by mutual relationship/friendship.

10 thoughts on “Question for everyone before it comes up in a game of mine.”

  1. I always allow spells like invisibility and cure light wounds to work on the caster. Seems silly (to me, and most of my players) not to.

    Lay on Hands is different because 1) flavor and 2) the 7-9 result makes very little sense if you use it on yourself.

  2. Just ask: “the spell reads as you can cast it only on others. What would happen of you decide to still do it?” and let the player come up with something. If you won’t allow it normally, you could ask “what negative thing would happen…”

  3. Like I posted I asked the group how they wanted to play it. I was just curious what others thought. I had to get creative on a wizard once who was casting invis and choosing putting themselves in a spot or drawing unwelcome attention. ALOT. Lol. My current wizard views spell casting as a spirits thing and believes the chance for mischief too high so the spirits won’t let him do that sorta thing. Probably explained that wrong.

  4. It sounds like the first wizard’s player is trying to ‘game the game’ (which I believe ultimately just hurts the narrative) by choosing the ‘draw unwelcome attention’ option. Fear not! Consider the option of drawing the attention of hounds of tindalos type interstitial threats whose attention might be brought to invisible characters! That said, invisibility can absolutely target the caster, though if you and your players want to change it for narrative reasons, do it!

  5. Yeah, players who want to game the party or the GM are a pain. Let him do that if he wants but anything that hunts by smell or sound isn’t going to be fooled by the invisibility and most intelligent foes would pepper the area with arrows just to be sure.

  6. Ofcourse I don’t mean my current wizard. He seems a good enough bloke. Just a past experience. I don’t truthfully remember how I stopped it. Something frodo style probably.

  7. The game creators have specifically said that Lay on Hands only works on others so if you follow that logic then Invisibility should not work on yourself either, but I can see where you would just houserule that it does. 

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