12 thoughts on “New player here, looking for a play by post game.”

  1. I might could be talked into GM’ing a play-by-post. I’m currently a PC in a DW PbP and it’s really rich and rewarding and Tim B is doing a great job GM’ing it. I’ve already been thinking along the lines of running one.

  2. Yeah, I’m running a PbP Masks game (still PbtA) in Docs and Hangouts. It works really well – far better than I was expecting going in.

    Just throwing in my two cents. Not interested in joining at the moment.

  3. By my count, we have five interested players: Rick Dearbin, Chuck Durfee, Tyler Burnett, Jabes RPG, and Jason Shea. That’s a full party. OK… gimme a couple of day to pull some things together. I’ll set up a hangouts chat for a us, and google docs folder. Just +1 this comment if you guys are up for doing this!

  4. Timothy Bennett What sort of post frequency are we looking at? I can’t be online all the time, will probably post once, maybe twice a day. Also, I’m in the GMT+8 timezone. Thanks!

  5. Jabes RPG the guidelines I have is an expectation of 3 to 5 times per week for PCs… everyday if necessary for the GM. these are the same guidelines we have for the PbP I’m currently a PC in, and the reality is that most players post at least once a day. but that’s not required. And we are managing with a PC in GMT+11

  6. Jabes RPG and Jason Shea, check to see if you received a hangouts chat invitation from me. Once you confirm, I’ll set up a group chat and we can get the ball rolling.

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