Hi people

Hi people

Hi people,

I’m trying to make a “Monster Card Generator”, Im read the info of each monster from the codex: http://codex.dungeon-world.com/ – for test purposes i’ve used Mark Chance Salmagunderland monsters and images. and this is the result:


The images still have some (post processing) manual work, but the idea is (in the future) having an image associated with each monster (open /free licence of course), obtain a card of this genre to each monster.

Opinions ? 🙂


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  1. I’ve thought about doing this before too. Nice! It could be really useful.

    For me, and this is totally personal preference, I would have gone with basic html rather than formatted PDFs. My thought would be a wiki style thing deliverable on a smart phone. Which means standard fonts, sticking to the DW format for the monster stat blocks, and probably no images. 

    If I agreed with your direction though, my comments would be that the font isn’t readable enough. Too stylized. and that I think images are a trap – you will either have to get fans to create them or fall into copyright violation as you grab them off the net. 

  2. That is already done on the codex itself http://codex.dungeon-world.com/ my intention is to create some visual help to the players offline (print maybe) the problem is always the same: Copyright…. This is my second draft. My first try is with a format copy of the codex Like you say … ( im on Phone, can’t publish now) I can show you that later if you like 🙂

  3. If only the Browse function did more. I can’t find an effective way to actually get ideas I might use there if I don’t already happen to know what I need.

  4. I Made some modifications to my original template:

    the final art look like:


    Now i need made (or find) some pictures for the others ones. 😀


    To view all test Salmagunderland monster cards: (Sorry +Mark Chance for use your monster for my test) 😉


    Maybe need to put the art on the other face of the card. This saves space and hide the monster stats from the players .. . what do you think guys?

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